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Make your insurance better with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Collaborative Human Intelligence. Get the best Insurance and save now.

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Our artificial intelligence, data-analytics and machine learning, combined with human intelligence will help you discover top car insurance products offered by insurance companies.

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Insurer 1# is 34% saving on insurance

Insurer Saving Excess Persentage
Current Insurer R1050 R5500 -
Insurer# 1 R690 R1000 34%
Insurer# 2 R770 R3750 34%
Insurer# 3 R870 R4000 17%
Car Insurance - Use data science and analytics

Use data science and analytics

Making use of data science and analytics for tailor made and personaliszed car insurance

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Save with the right car insurance product. Our technology will assist you with extra cash savings instantly

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Car Insurance - Start saving monthly

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